Connect-Riviera® is a concept gathering 4 digital platforms in line with the French Riviera thriving industries: Real Estate, Hotel, Catering, Sport.

Across the world, French Riviera conveys a prestigious image with an average of 11 million visitors each year. Connect-Riviera does rely on this international notoriety so as to lead its communication and highlight the best French Riviera industries.

Modern platforms, remarkable ease of use, Connect-Riviera aims to facilitate your daily searches and drive your wanderlust in the French Riviera.

Become an information hub in real estate, hotel, restaurant and sport industries is the second goal of this concept, useful from the simple tourist until the permanent resident of this sunny area.
From this description, Connect Yourself with the 4 Concepts in 4 clicks and enjoy theses digital platforms which would certainly provide you new insights on the French Riviera

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