With 11 million of tourists visiting the French Riviera every year, copes with an impressive culinary touristic demand, with visitors who tend to increasingly pay attention to the restaurant’s digital visibility.

Through this article, the Connect Resto Riviera Team® will present to you the trends, statistics and main news of the French Riviera 
Restaurant Market.

1.     6 005 restaurants within the Alpes Maritimes

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A consequent figure which is in line with the high touristic demand during the summer periods. Furthermore, several French Riviera
littoral restaurants open their doors only from April until October which most of the time suit their convenience since they can always
rely on good seasonality.

2.     % of Restaurants on the French Riviera


With more than 1800 restaurants, Nice is also the French Riviera restaurant capital, with a third of restaurants based in Nice.

Then, we discern that the littoral cities are the ones who have the biggest numbers of restaurants with respectively 30 % for the
4 following cities gathered: Cannes, Antibes, Monaco and Menton.

3.     1 french out of 3 check out comments and opinions or the website’s restaurant

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Internet also became a new culinary critic’s platform where the new kinds of clients would choose their ideal restaurant according to
the comments, and as well sometimes the website’s quality.

This is for this reason that we perceive a majority of restaurants who are based in the most touristic French Riviera cities who already
have trendy websites. Whereas, suburbs restaurants do not have yet set up those performant and attractive digital platforms.

4.     3 clients out 4 loyal or not are sensitive about the restaurant communication.

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To go even deeper from our previous argumentation, we distinguish that almost 70% of loyal clients pay attention to the digital
communication of their favorite restaurants.

To strengthen this “virtual trust”, restaurants understood the social networks’ utility, especially being enable to appear permanently in
their facebook news if their clients liked the age. Thus, restaurants tend to empower people to lead this communication, for instance with
the “Community Manager” to develop their digital communication.

These digital managers often put in a place a Newsletter system as a second tool of communication for the restaurant, which would help
their clients to stay tuned about their news.

5.     Vicious circle of online booking system

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TripAdvisor, La Fourchette or even Groupon, websites very useful to draw clients attention, but also dangerous for some of them.  
Indeed, beyond the monthly taxes expected by some websites, the restaurants can also receive bad critics and wrong ranking if they
did not join the popular website.

TripAdvisor is especially often criticized by French Riviera restaurants owners who complain to have clients who want free services
and threaten the restaurant to write afterwards bad comments.

Moreover, each person can easily express his feelings which are not justified, for instance, the prestigious restaurant in Menton, the
Mirazur, 4th world wide ranked restaurant, and not even in the Top 15 of Menton’s TripAdvisor restaurants rankings.

6.     The Wifi

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Offer wifi in your restaurant might seem to be a simple idea, but suggest freely this service to your clients allow you to follow the current
trends and satisfy client’s demand.  Furthermore, it is proved by a study that wifi in a restaurant allow your client to stay a bit longer.

7.     The Restaurant Virtual Tours

Château de la Chèvre dOr Eden restaurant near Montecarlo

New trend which comes from the United States, the restaurant virtual tours is not still well-known or used in the French Riviera but it
might become quite quickly.

The possibility to watch a terrace and the numerous restaurant's places offer to the client a total immersion for prospect who can have
afterwards a relevant opinion, often way much better than the one got from simple pictures.

8.     A video presenting your restaurant

IMG 1548

Les clients sont aussi sensibles à des vidéos de présentation professionnelles d’un restaurant et d’éventuelles scènes de services filmées.
La vidéo fait rêver et humanise encore un peu plus le restaurant.

The clients are very sensitive about professional restaurant videos and potential scenes where the restaurant works on. The video makes
the prospect dream and tend to bring a virtual human added value.

9.      Drone Delivery

livraison drone 6

Although this method does not fit for any kinds of restaurants, the structures offering those deliveries services might try this new concept
for a specific occasion to convey a modern and dynamic image, and probably in the next years to make this drone delivery service as a
new possibility to order.

10.     Tablets in a Restaurant

tablette restaurant 6

Endless waiting moments in a restaurant are over, with tablets on your table, you will considerably perceive a decrease of this previous
waste of time preceived.

In Scandinavia or even in Moanco in especially trendy restaurants use this system and offer directly at is client an overview of its menus.