At les Bacchanales, Michelin-star restaurant in Vence, chef Christophe Dufau is a welcoming host.

A life enthusiast passionate about cooking, Christophe Dufau, who advocates local farming and fishing, focuses his
inventiveness on creative cuisine. 

You will find below, the several reasons to discover Les Bacchanales, one of the best restaurants in Nice and its
surrondings :

1.       Video - The Bacchanales an atmosphere which stands out :

As you have seen through the video, the restaurant Les Bacchanales has a unique atmosphere on the French Riviera.


2.     A starred chef for more than 10 years, Christophe Dufau :

les bacchanales connect resto riviera 1

For any further information on the Bacchanales' universe, you can click on this link which provides a wider description. 


3.      Colorful dishes with the Garden's ingredients :

les bacchanales connect resto riviera 5

The Bacchanales, is as well a permanent culinary journey with its several creations and flavours to discover according
to the seasons.

4.      A charming terrace available throughout the Summer Period :

les bacchanales connect resto riviera 2


5.     Discover a selection of several french and international Artists :

les bacchanales connect resto riviera 3

In the Garden, or inside the restaurant, you will also contemplate several creations such as sculptures made by french and
international artists. 

If this article drew your attention, do not hesitate to visit the restaurant's website, its page Official Facebook, or its Connect
Resto Riviera® page for any further information